Milordo Gubbio Apartment
Nice apartment in the heart of Gubbio, to spend unforgettable moments
Stay in Gubbio
Splendid medieval town in the heart of Umbria
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Milordo Gubbio Apartment

Gubbio’s origins are rooted in the ancient Umbrian civilization, as evidenced by the so-called Eugubine Tables written in the Umbrian language and dating back to the 3rd-1st century BC. You can admire them in the halls of the Civic Museum in Palazzo dei Consoli.

Gubbio’s golden age began around the year 1000, at the time of the Communes. Under the leadership of Bishop Ubaldo, in 1100, the city won a war against Perugia. In the meantime, arts and crafts spread, including the manufacturing of majolica. In 1300 the city assumed the shape it still has today. Some of the most beautiful buildings in Gubbio date back to that period.

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Milordo gubbio apartment

The Milordo Gubbio Apartment was born from the initiative of the host and his love for the city of Gubbio. The Milordo Gubbio Apartment was the holiday home of the Binacci family. It was my grandmother’s house, where we spent family holidays. Carola Binacci remained so attached to the house that she chooses to become the exclusive owner in the year 2022, despite the fact that she lives in Rome.

The attachment to the territory of origin has led the owner to want to open her own house to make known the beauty of the territories around Gubbio and Perugia. The origin of the name “Milordo Gubbio Apartment” comes from the nickname that the Binacci family has in Gubbio. The Binacci family in Gubbio has always been distinguished by the family nickname “Milordo”, since in ancient times it was a family of noble origins, and with solid principles.

Coming to Gubbio at Milordo’s house, she wants to make you feel at home, when you were in the company of your dear grandparents. Furthermore, it will be possible to savor the tranquility of the place and the starred cuisine of chef Mancini Simone. If you like nature, it is the right place for trekking or horse riding. He will also suggest facilities for horse riding or walking excursions in the woods in search of black truffles.

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milordo gubbio apartament

Milordo Gubbio apartment

Why Choose Milordo Gubbio Apartment

Milordo Gubbio Apartment has a semi-central location, just enough to be able to get to the center on foot, without having the problem of where to park the car. There is no ZTL in the vicinity of the structure. Before booking, read and accept the house rules.

milordo gubbio apartment


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Milordo Gubbio Apartment

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation at the Milordo Gubbio Apartment

Check-out by 10:00
Check-in from 14.00 to 20.00

Romantic dinner with Chef Simone Mancini

A 10-minute walk away, in The Sound restaurant by the multi-starred Chef Simone Mancini you can enjoy appetizing dishes. Reservation is recommended. The restaurant is located in Via Cairoli 24 Gubbio.